Cleaning and Waxing your plane

I have tried many different products for cleaning and making the plane look all shinny. Here are some learnings and tips…

Cleaning the exterior

Depending on how dirty your exterior looks. You can either use Simple Green Extreeme (for relatively dirty surface) and wash it with water as described. I would cover all the places where water can get in like the static port, windows and pitot static tube etc.

For relatively simpler jobs or less dirty surfaces; I use Wash and Wax All. You can use it without water and it works out pretty well with a scrubber.

I think that this is the single most important step in cleaning your plane. If you do not do this write then the waxing is useless anyways 🙂

If your belly (I mean your plane’s belly:)) is dirty then you can use Wash and Wax’s degreaser. I have found it really easy to use.


I have tried many different products. First of all, keep your self away from wax in box products. The kind of round boxes. What you want is liquid paste type of stuff. It is really hard to put the waxy stuff in the round containers.

So which brands? I find rejex to be really good. It does not bring as much shine. Especially, for older paints though. You can try using meguire’s stuff like their gold wax (which is a liquid type wax).

Apply with the applicator; Dry and spread evenly with a micro fiber cloth and then buff it away. Rejex will make your plane slippery and works well. Meguire will do that and will make it a little bit more shiny.

Other Areas

You want to clean and vaccum other areas as well. However, be sure not to use any tire shine products for the tires (most of them work great for car tires and not really designed for aircraft tires per my understanding).

After you clean and wax

Do a test flight; and enjoy the speed increase 🙂 Yeah! I am just speculating here. I feel like I am going faster a couple miles but never proved it conclusively.