Other Checkouts


Location – KPAE

Instructor – Skyler Metcalf

My Experience – Nice and controllable plane. Once I started flying Mooneys; I had a very hard time understanding why other planes don’t control this well. Easy to land and handle cross winds. Just know your speeds & numbers.

Things to do – Fly by the book & Numbers. I will post some detailed reviews about various steps in the flight.

Things to avoid – Descend too late and try fast landings.


Location – KRNT

Flying Club – Boeing Employees Flying Club

Instructor – Fred Bahr

My Experience – A step towards aerobatics. This plane flies like you are with it. Great plane to really develop a feel for it. It took me sometime to nail down wheel landings. But once you get them down and have practice. Its not too bad. A great starting aerobatic platform.

Things to do – Use the rudder and keep directional control.