Private Pilot – Requirements and Times

Average Times

In general experience; average students take upto 60 hours of flight experience to be ready for the checkride. There are exceptions with longer time for training with gaps and shorter time for more frequent training (along with home study).

Basic Requirements And Times (as Required by the FAA)

Per FAR 61.109a:

  • 40 hours of flight time
    — 20 must be dual instruction,
    — 10 must be solo,
    — 10 may be either
  • 3 hours cross-country training
    — Landing > 50 nm from departure airport
  • 3 hours night training
    — Including 10 takeoffs, patterns, and landings at an airport and one cross-country flight (at least 50 n.m. away and then back)
  • 3 hours of instrument training (under the hood)
  • 3 Point solo of at least 150 n.m. total distance, with one segment being at least 50 n.m.
    — additional x-country time to add up to 5 hours