Race Report – Bainbridge Island Half Marathon

Last week; I was thinking about doing a half marathon. I looked around a little bit and turns out there was one going on this weekend in Bainbridge Island. It suddenly caught my attention. The course was nice yet challenging with some elevation gain (Rolling hills and some steep climbs). I also wanted to go do it because I missed the bike ride there this year (Chilly Hilly).

Half Marathon – > 13.1 Miles. I have done over 14 miles few times now so I was not worried about the distance. However, I did not have a specific race plan for this day. My days are usually focused around endurance and not speed so I was not sure where to start and what to keep as a constant pace. A good experience overall; and I am glad I did with bunch of good friends and their support. Here are complete details.


Finish 13.1 miles in a real race. I know I can do the distance; I can actually do more. But gain a valuable race experience and discover the weaknesses that require work.

Getting There

What a beautiful day! It was lovely outside and I don’t think that I could have picked a better day for this 🙂 I got up around 6’ish and picked up 2 of my good friends who were doing the 5k distance. We get to the ferry terminal in Seattle downtown around 7.30 AM. No stress; no pressure – The ferry leaves at 7.55 (on time) and we are at the island around 8.25 after enjoying some of the nice views of Bainbridge Island.


I left my forerunner at home and took the simple nike plus with me. I have really not worked out the pacing and heart rates yet. I stayed in the first line at the start line and started with the blast. First mile under 7 minutes. Not the smartest idea at all. I was running with the top 3 guys. Soon; people started passing me and I settled down somewhere in the middle. The course looks seemingly benign for the first 3 miles. I decided to cruise in a pace zone which did not feel 2 uncomfortable. I ended up staying in 8 minutes for next couple miles. And then the rolling hills started; I did not take that well and the pace dropped quite a bit.

The whole run felt normal and a reasonably good experience. For pacing; I was on a roller coaster going 1 mile 7; the next at 8 and then 10 and then back to 9’ish. This is something I will need to figure out more by testing and experimentation. Forerunner will probably be a good tool to help practice that.

The last two miles; I really pushed myself and crossed 3 people before the finish line. Mentally, I was thinking to break 2 hours and I did it just be tens of seconds (1:59). This was the best race ever since I also won the stay at a hotel at Bainbridge Island after the drawing at the end (for 2 nights):)

Good day -> Nice Race -> Satisfying results -> No some weaknesses around pacing and nutrition = Mission achieved for the day and the race…

Lessons Learned

* Learn Heart rate zones

* Use forerunner even for the race

* Nike+ is highly unreliable (Was generally off in distance by quite a bit actually)

* Learn to pace at a regular pace

*Master nutrition better (Always have 2 much to eat in these races)…

Until next team – > Enjoy your day and workout!!!