Race Report – Duck Bill Thrill Olympic Triathlon – May 23 2010

Olympic was the next logical distance of triathlon for me after the sprint. I was really worried about open water swims since I had really not done them before this season besides the sprint in April. So I decided to attend the wet suit demo day and open water swim clinic on Saturday. That actually really helped build my confidence. I knew that I could do the swim and should just finish it and relax.

So there we are; 6 hours of drive later -> Seattle – Eugene (OR). Got a nice room at the Holiday Inn there. Nice Location; Friendly people; decent pizza. However, nothing much to do there… Really just a quiet town.


Finish the swim and try to have decent bike and run times. Getting to the race location in the morning the temperature was right around 37 degrees. Not really a confidence builder to be jumping in water though 🙂


I got there early enough to find a good spot. Turns out my bike does not hold all that well on the stand. But I took my time to setup and was well set to go in the race. Did some quick warm up pre-race and took out my Garmin forerunner 305. And it would not start up. I guess it really did not charge completely last night. Anyways; one more time. I would have no data. Usually I just try to run\bike without numbers but I was really hoping to get data this time. Good thing that I brought my basic watch with me. Nike Triax Fury – Works great for swimming laps and will work great now for the whole triathlon.


So the swim starts and I was feeling really confident. I actually start getting slower and slower. I think that I was getting a little worried inside about finishing it so my body was naturally trying to preserve the energy. Finished the first lap; and on to the second one. I was probably in the last few to finish the swimming. The swim was even slower then I had expected. For one; thing I slowed down on my own; I was worried about the distance and it was cold.

The end result was not all that great. My hands were freezing for staying in the water for so long. I could not really feel my fingers and legs either. Came to the transition area and was taking out the wet suit. It barely comes off 🙁 Spent bunch of time in transition.


Ok, so done with the swim -> Bike should be great right. This is where I felt my second mistake. I did not have much breakfast in the morning. And I was not able to feel half of my body so I started slowing down on the bike. As I progress couple miles; I started passing people. At this point; I had some energy shots and heed so I was starting to feel a little better. Moments later; one of my tooth crown falls out of my mouth. Yes! That is right. One of my tooth was giving my trouble before and the cap had to just come out at this time. I actually caught it before it went down. Enough to make me smile and worried again 🙂 I put myself together and push it on the bike to 14 miles easily. This is where the newly fitted bike started to hurt my lower back. I could not hold the aero position any longer. I had to come up and just ride the regular position 🙁 But I was still passing other people. My bike pace was still not all that bad after all that…


Run started out okay. I was feeling a little tired and cold. Still my hands were freezing but by the time. I crossed first few miles. I had warmed up and started feeling better on the run. Not as good as I would have liked but still good enough and way better then the swim. after 5 miles. I was really warmed up and ready to go. But now was the end of triathlon to 6.2 miles.

Lessons Learned

* Charge the forerunner and use heart rate zones

* Improve swimming pace – Use you can do long and slow but need to go fast now 🙂

* Improve the bike fit. Swap bike\fit etc.

* Eat better