Race Report – Ocean Shores Ironman – 70.3 Distance


With the first triathlon season; I progressed from running a sprint to two olympics and then this 70.3 distance race. I wanted to finish and finish strong so I can also gauage my fitness for longer distance events.

Getting there

Getting to Ocean Shores was tricky from Seattle; For some reason there was a lot of traffic on the way which made a 2.5 hour drive into a 4.2 hour drive. We wanted to arrive early on Friday but did not get there untill late night. We got Shilo Inn as our hotel with a ocean front room. Pretty nice room overall. Few hours of sleep and next morning was up there.


Too much wind; It was mostly westerly wind which made for an interesting venue. In retrospect; I would prefered lighter lower profile rims. The temperature was around mid 60’s. However, the water felt much warmer then that.


Got there a little late; hurried up to the transition area and was setting up things untill the last minute untill the director called for the final meeting.


Swim was pretty reasonable for me; I managed to drop my time quite a bit. For most people I would still be considered slow finishing around 44 minutes for the 1.2 mile. However, I did 52 minutes for a 1600 yard swim before in the first olympic so it is quite a bit of improvement for me. I felt comfortable and my goggles did not fogg up (Essentially, I did not use any drops; I just warmed up in my goggles and then took them out and left couple drops of water in them – This worked)

– I do need to improve my bilateral breathing and balance. I could tell that I was going towards right most of the time (I normally breath to the right).

– Need to get more open water practice. I generally have gotten few swims in water. I feel very comfortable now but it takes me a while to get into the rhythum.

– My wetsuit is too loose for me now. I might look into something which is a better fit.


Overall a strong bike; I managed to stay in Z2 for the most part. Wind was challenging at times (When the road was closer to the shore). I had a minor incident on the road which wasted some time.

– My lower back started hurting after 30 miles or so (on the aero position). So my fit was better but still not perfect. Not to improve my flexibility quite a bit as well.


Run was the strongest part of the race. I finished my fastest half marathon in 1:26. I just turned off my watch and ran for it. I finished well below my target in 5:27.


Nutrition worked well for me. However, I need to understand hot weather nutrition and hydration better.

Lessons Learned

– Swim – Improve more speed; swim more balanced; bilateral breathing; Sight and Navigate better

– Bike – Improve Fit

– Run – You can run faster then you think.