Book Review – Gandhi

I must say that I was uneducated on Gandhi as a leader and person before I read his autobiography.

Here are the key things I learned:

  • Foundation of your character is foundation of life – his search of truth is a struggle that he goes with his life and people. It is amazing to see how this serves him in his life and forms the basis of his success in his own way.
  • Can’t be a leader without humilty and connection – it is important to connect with the people that you want to lead. However, it is not something you wake up with one day. You have to make the effort; you have to be able to see the struggles of the people you want to influence. You have to be able to live their life and be empathetic. Gandhi changed the way he lived; he dressed; he ate; he interacted – for the people he believed in. They saw him; they believed him and they followed him.
  • Walls are boundaries as you make them for yourself – you want to see out of box thinking. Look at his life and ideas. While they strike a pattern in some ways – he changed the way people thought about other people; how they influenced them.