Private Pilot – Single Engine Sea

Private – Single Engine Sea

Location – Kenmore Air Harbor

Flying Club – Kenmore Air

Costs – 1695 + CheckRide

Plane (s) – Super Cub

Instructor – Erin & (Need to remember the other Instructor Name)

My Experience – This was the most fun rating ever. Landing on water is a great experience. Especially, the beautiful northwest provides a lot of beautiful opportunities to learn and land a seaplane. Its just amazing.

Things to do – Use it as a BFR opportunity and enjoy it completly.

Things to avoid – Don’t ignore common sense. This rating is about using the nature cues and wind.

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Location – KPAE

Instructor – Skyler Metcalf

My Experience – Nice and controllable plane. Once I started flying Mooneys; I had a very hard time understanding why other planes don’t control this well. Easy to land and handle cross winds. Just know your speeds & numbers.

Things to do – Fly by the book & Numbers. I will post some detailed reviews about various steps in the flight.

Things to avoid – Descend too late and try fast landings.


Location – KRNT

Flying Club – Boeing Employees Flying Club

Instructor – Fred Bahr

My Experience – A step towards aerobatics. This plane flies like you are with it. Great plane to really develop a feel for it. It took me sometime to nail down wheel landings. But once you get them down and have practice. Its not too bad. A great starting aerobatic platform.

Things to do – Use the rudder and keep directional control.

Commercial Engine – SEL

Commercial – SEL

Location – KPAE

Flying Club – Regal Air

Costs – Did not keep a record

Plane (s) – Mooney

Instructor – Brian Welt

My Experience – I consider this as a major step to learn a plane better and improve proficiency and knowledge of the real life maneouvers. For instance; power off landing is real potential and possibility and knowing the limits of the plane really helps. I highly recomend this rating to anyone in their aviation career.

Things to do – Learn the maneouver very well and have fun.

Things to avoid – Don’t focus on the instruments like your IFR rating.

Commercial Engine – Multi Engine Land

Commercial – MEL

Location – Arlington Municipal Airport (Arlington, TX)

Flying Club – Multi Engine Ratings

Costs – 1395 + Examiner + Living Expenses

Plane (s) – Beech Travel Air

Instructor – Glenn Evans

My Experience – Well, this gets me ready to make some real money in aviation:) So it was a great achievement. But overall, this place in Texas was a great place to learn and complete the rating in the defined time. I also got lucky because I got nice weather in Dallas when it was rainy and snowy in Seattle.

Things to do – Known the checklists. This a real complex plane and knowing the maneouvers and keeping calm is important.

Things to avoid – Don’t panic; fly the plane and execute on the checklists with +ve control.

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I am a Commercial Pilot with a passion for Aviation. I love everything related to flying. This website is to share my trips, reviews, tips and diaries. Please feel free to use it as a resource and drop me a line with any type of feedback. I will try to keep this place updated with new things I learn and new places I visit.

Enjoy your stay and visit again!

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