Book Review – The Black Swan

There are many different types of books you can read. Some of them provide good life lessons and others help you reflect.

The Black Swan is a great book which helps you generate insights about your life – giving you insights about how to think about the future without living in the past.

Life throws so many curves at people yet they live the future with the lens of their past – Not necessarily the most constructive way to make progress in the future. There is lot of interesting research providing data on how your brain might not be able to see all the different possibilities for the future.

Well written and highly recommended.

Book Review РThe denial of death 

Rarely you come across a book that is well written, deep and has a well articulated message.

The denial of death explains a lots of subtle details of life and how and why we behave and do certain things. I found the particular dependence on others as a phenomenon that most people fail to understand.

Highly recommended!!

Book Review – Gandhi

I must say that I was uneducated on Gandhi as a leader and person before I read his autobiography.

Here are the key things I learned:

  • Foundation of your character is foundation of life – his search of truth is a struggle that he goes with his life and people. It is amazing to see how this serves him in his life and forms the basis of his success in his own way.
  • Can’t be a leader without humilty and connection – it is important to connect with the people that you want to lead. However, it is not something you wake up with one day. You have to make the effort; you have to be able to see the struggles of the people you want to influence. You have to be able to live their life and be empathetic. Gandhi changed the way he lived; he dressed; he ate; he interacted – for the people he believed in. They saw him; they believed him and they followed him.
  • Walls are boundaries as you make them for yourself – you want to see out of box thinking. Look at his life and ideas. While they strike a pattern in some ways – he changed the way people thought about other people; how they influenced them.

Book Review – Built to Last – Jim Collins

A unique perspective in looking at some of the thought leaders and trend setting organizations.

What looks obvious on the surface is not evident to organizations from deep inside and they miss the mark. Other organizations driven by sense of core values and purpose are able to cross the threshold and survive the swings of changing and evolving times.

A must read for most people trying to understand and calibrate themselves and their organizations.

Book Review – Good to Great

Jim Collins has¬†produced some very interesting books rationalizing the long last success of some flagship companies of the last century. “Good to great” is one of my favorites since it focus on the fundamental principles which enable an organization and business to succeed long term.

The focus of “Good to great” in my interpretation is on my people; the immense focus on their quality and their ability to transform seemingly difficult goal to reality.

He also provides good advice to people by offering them a framework to advance themselves and intersect their very best with the organizational goals. This kind of alignment often creates an environment of mutual benefit long term exponentially accelerating growth and other positive outcomes around culture.